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80% of US households reachable via a CTV device. Connected TV is not the future of advertising, it’s now. This growing channel is affordable and effective at elevating your brand awareness & being competitive in a cluttered market.

Connected TV allows you to target prospects while they stream content over an internet connection. We Can Target With Connected TV By Using Addressable, Behavioral, And Demographic Data.

We help you build precise, scalable campaigns that achieve hyper-targeted reach across affinity audiences, so you can connect with your most relevant prospects. And our industry-leading, cross-device measurement approach gives you a holistic view of your campaign success as consumers move across their smart TV to smartphone to desktop.

Connected TV Allows You To Target Prospects While They Stream Content Over An Internet Connection. We Can Target With Connected TV By Using Addressable, Behavioral, And Demographic Data.


OTT – Over The Top

Tv-like video content that is streamed over the internet without the need for a subscription from a cable or satellite provider. Devices such as smart TVs or devices that can connect to a TV, including streaming boxes, media streaming devices, and gaming consoles.


CTV – Connected TV

TV-like video content that can be streamed directly to a TV set via a streaming device. Devices such as laptops, desktops and mobile devices that access streaming content.

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