Never Get Lost in Search Engines Again

Be found at the top of search engines for the keywords that matter.

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, or simply paid marketing, allows you to show up in the most important searches. Using a strong, strategic keyword strategy, we ‘ll identify the keywords that will maximize the exposure and traffic for your brand.

Wrestling your way to the top of Search Results Pages (SRPs) can be a daunting challenge, and PPC is an effective way to see an immediate impact to your business.


Every business is unique, so every PPC plan is customized.


We map out a plan based on your business and your competitors’ online marketing activities.
We pinpoint the keywords consumers search when trying to find businesses like yours.


Typically, ads start showing in the search results within hours of launch.

When a user searches for a keyword included in your campaign, your ad appears in Google’s search results.


We set up your custom campaign with precisely defined ad groups, keywords, and ads tailored to your certain business and audience.
We write targeted ads designed to entice your potential customers to click on your ad over others.


We’ll send your customers to the most relevant page on your website.
Our tracking capabilities will give you insight into the actions visitors take once they land on your website, so you can see what most customers are searching for.


Supported through the use of machine learning, FanBase uses the most up-to-date tactics to ensure your campaigns are fine-tuned and effective. With our affordable digital advertising, you can feel peace of mind when trusting us with our digital marketing services.
We build campaigns around your most valuable key performance indicators (KPIs) and the goals laid out during our initial strategy discussions. As industries evolve and new tools become available, our agile team is ready to pivot as needed to support your business. All we want to do is help your business thrive. Reach out to us today to discuss how PPC can benefit your business.

Just like every product isn’t made for every person, our agency isn’t perfect for every business.

From the very first contact, we’ll help determine if digital marketing is the right tool for you and if FanBase is the right partner for you.

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