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World-Class Digital Advertising Agency

FanBase is a world-class marketing and digital advertising agency that offers the most effective tools for each client. Consulting, marketing strategy, and digital advertising are in our service portfolio, but what really sets us apart is the wealth of experience we bring to our clients. With a hands-on, audience-focused, customer-service approach, our clients’ successes are our success.

What’s the FANBASE Difference?

We know the value in your FANBASE – not just customers. Fans are people who love you. They are interested in your business and admire what you do. Those are your most valuable customers – it’s proven time & time again.

Oh, and by the way, we’re also YOUR FANS. As your digital services partner, your success is our success. So, we aren’t just here to sell you advertising – we are here to see your business succeed.

Behind Great Leadership is a Great Team.

We have the support of a world-class digital advertising agency team with proven successes for thousands of businesses. Our seasoned team walks you through the digital process from start to finish, customizing each plan to fit your businesses needs. We make the process as easy and powerful as possible


Founder + Co-Owner + Sales & Account Services

Brian is the Sales Leader, working with advertisers to find the perfect fit to grow their business. He has over 15 years of experience in sales & business development, and he brings his plethora of knowledge to our clients. His passions are leading people and businesses, anything outdoors, and serving other people.

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Co-Owner + Strategy & Marketing

Brooke is our marketing & strategy guru. With over 20 years of corporate marketing experience, she has a knack for seeing the potential in any business and creating strategic plans to build or rebuild. Her passions are her family, creating brands, and growing businesses. She is a dedicated mom and finds creative ways to balance work with staying home with her daughters.

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With over 20+ years of experience in digital marketing, Charity is an expertise in building stellar campaigns for our clients. Charity has also designed and delivered multi-media sales programs, working alongside 5,000+ sales professionals from the media and tech industries.  She brings a wealth of knowledge to ensure that every program is custom for your business


Danielle is a digital strategist, managing every aspect of digital campaigns including programmatic display, streaming TV and audio and paid social.  Danielle has worked in all areas of the business including: sales support, project management, media buying.


As our Digital Account Manager, Jenna takes all of our digital accounts to the next level. She serves as the key liaison to ensure success and happiness for every client.  She comes with a long history in the health care field, providing her with skills to manage several things at one time. Her passions are her family and helping people.


Collette is our creative designer for print and digital. With a background in social work, sociology and art—Collette’s passion for people and storytelling have actualized in the world of graphic design.  She works closely with every client to understand their vision & works closely to bring their ideas to life through design.  When not bringing ideas to life, Collette is loving on her new baby girl, Keltie.



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