About Us

The Wind In Your Sails

From the beginning we have wanted to be the wind in the sails of businesses with big dreams. We work with clients who have a vision and a belief for where they want to go, and then we find a path to get there.

Digital marketing is a powerful tool when used correctly. And we know how to do just that. We’ve helped hundreds of clients bring their dreams to life with powerful strategies & creative thinking.

Our team is wildly talented, eager to help, and stoked for every success. We work hard for every client, challenge each other to think differently, and are excited by uncharted waters.

We also have a deep desire to make a positive impact on the digital landscape. We use our knowledge and tools to bring more kindness & light to this rapidly growing space in our culture.

What Makes Us Special

Integrated Strategy & Planning

More than 65% of consumers use various platforms before their purchase. We manage the fully integrated planning to save you time & money and deliver stronger results.

Custom Teams for Expertise & Scaleability

Every client is matched with a specific team based on needs, project scope, and preferences. We are purposely structured for efficiency (to save you money) and expertise (to serve you better).

Quality Media & Management

Not all media is the same. Our media partners, qualifications, and discretion enable our expert teams to deliver stronger results.

Scroll-stopping Creative

With increasingly cluttered online activity, it’s harder to stand out. Our experts build campaigns that draw your customers in for more.

Custom & Real-time Reporting

With a fully transparent, live dashboard, you can measure & monitor your entire digital footprint. Customized for macro & micro oversight, it’s ideal for single or multi-locations.

Products for All Businesses

We serve businesses of all sizes & industries, and we know what works best for each goal & budget. Our portfolio balances mainstream & advanced channels to serve every client and elite services are unlocked as businesses grow, enabling higher performance capabilities.

Meeting You Where You Are

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in our agency. We offer solutions for businesses of all sizes so we are structured to support that. Increased investments unlock upgraded tools & resources.

Each channel has internal KPIs that are used to measure performance, and we marry that with your business KPIs.

All customers walk through a ‘journey’ for each purchase – consciously or subconsciously. Meeting them at each point in the journey is the most effective way to influence their decision making.

At this scale, advanced tools & technology are unlocked and our proprietary process is used to deliver fully customized, research-driven plans that wow every client.

Who We Serve | Any business with lofty goals





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Just like every product isn’t made for every person, our agency isn’t perfect for every business

From the very first contact, we’ll help determine if digital marketing is the right tool for you and if FanBase is the right partner for you.


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