If you live in a resort town, you’re aware of the challenges of owning a small business.  There are unique considerations for your business, especially in marketing.  Digital Advertising can be a fantastic fit for small businesses in resort towns, and this webinar helps outline what to consider, how digital can be right for you, and what 3 tools should be in your marketing plan today.

Resort Towns are Faced with Unique Challenges

Seasonality impacts every resort town, and each season requires a thoughtful shift in business management.  This means a shift in funding, targeting, and messaging.  Traditional marketing vehicles (such as print) don’t allow for the flexibility of multiple targets and fluctuating budgets, but digital advertising does.  Learning how to adapt your marketing plan to the seasons is critical to marketing success in Resort Towns.

A Successful Marketing Plan Is Omnichannel

Gone are the days of choosing 1 marketing vehicle – consumers are too saavy now.  It’s important to understand your customer’s journey to purchase, and then meet them on that journey in multiple places to influence their decisions making.  Use various channels at different points in that journey, so the right digital mix will bring high returns.

Digital Advertising Can Be the Most Efficient Investment You’ll Make

Unlike other marketing tools, digital advertising tools have a unique capability of tracking against their success metrics, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your investment.  At the beginning of any campaign, set your goals, and then track it each month.  With confidence, you’ll know exactly what digital advertising is doing for you.

Take 20 minutes to learn whether digital is right for you and your business.