The practice of digital marketing has many working parts, and there are just as many terms and definitions that go along with it. When you hear terms like “organic marketing” or “paid marketing,” does it make you scratch your head and wonder what’s the difference? Here is the difference between organic and paid digital marketing.

Organic and Paid Work Together

You don’t have to choose between one type of marketing or the other. Organic and paid strategies can work together. Organic marketing strategies are focused on long-term plans, and a paid one is used for short-term boosts. In most cases, these two strategies are coupled together to get the best results. Both strategies can work alone as well.

Organic Marketing for the Long Haul

Organic marketing is a long-term approach. Some of the tactics that fall under organic include SEO, blogs, and using social media platforms to build an audience. According to MarketingBiz, SEO and building an organic presence are priorities for about 61% of digital marketers. When done right, organic presence builds trust and loyalty and drives traffic to a website without paying to do so. It is a strategy for the long term.

Paid Marketing Gets Quick Exposure

Paid marketing uses some of the same strategies as organic, except you pay for the advertising. For example, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and pay-per-click ads are all tools used in a paid strategy. Paid options are a short-term solution and require less of a time investment than organic strategies, but it requires a higher monetary investment than organic methods.

You Should Use Both

Both paid and organic marketing have the same goals. Each approach brings benefits to the table. For example, if your paid strategy is done right, it brings almost instantaneous results. If your organic plan is done right, it will help you build loyalty and customer relationships.

Each process is an important piece of the digital marketing puzzle. You should have a strategy for your long-term and short-term strategies to help you achieve your business goals faster. Learn more about the differences between these two strategies and how they can boost your traffic. Call our team today!