Google has 85% of the search engine market, according to Statista, meaning staying in Google’s good graces is critical to increasing organic traffic and revenue. However, Google also takes that position seriously. They consistently roll out updates to help ensure that internet users have the best possible experience. Every business owner needs to keep an eye out for these updates.

Product Review Updates

Product reviews remain an essential marketing tool for affiliate marketers, influencers, and brands. However, Google recognized that many product reviews are templated information. To provide internet users with the best possible experience, these updates promote review content that goes above and beyond the typically templated information.

However, Google is not directly punishing sites with lower-quality reviews. While it may feel like a punishment to find your rankings demoted with other sites’ content promoted above yours on the SERP, Google says it is just rewarding sites with more insightful review content with rankings above yours, according to Search Engine Land.

Google Spam Updates

The first major spam update rolled out in October 2022 shook the SEO community. Although it wasn’t referenced as a core update, many website owners compared it to Panda. Another similar update was seen in December, but this was a link spam update, and the traffic volatility was smaller with this one. Google will continue to roll out spam updates periodically, and every business owner should beware of them.

A website hit by a spam update can take months to recover lost traffic if it ever does. This long recovery is due to website owners having to prove to Google that they are making long-term changes. So, you’ll need to write exceptional content consistently and not use spammy tactics for months. It’s best to always write original content consistently to avoid being harmed by a spam update at all.

Link Spam Updates

Long gone are the days when you could throw links all over the internet and watch the traffic roll in. Now, Google’s link spam updates look to neutralize links the Google bot finds spammy, meaning they won’t help you rank higher. Instead, focus on getting links naturally. This may take longer, but you won’t have to pay for them, and the results will be long-lasting.

Most of the Google updates mentioned are part of the Google algorithm, meaning they continuously monitor sites for these things and many more. That’s why working with a digital marketing agency that follows Google’s best practices is necessary. Call us at FanBase when you’re ready to hire an agency to help you reach your goals.