As a business owner, you’re probably looking for the right keywords to draw customers and eyeballs to your topic. After all, 68% of online experiences start from a search engine homepage, according to Intergrowth, and 90% of those are from Google. SEO is all about generating high-quality content and choosing the right keywords to ensure potential customers click on the link when searching on Google. How can you bring the best traffic in? Follow these tips for your keywords.

Keywords Must Be Relevant

When Google ranks your content, relevance is its priority, so it must be the priority. How will your content be the best resource out there for your query? High-quality content delivered regularly is a great resource in the online marketing world. If you can deliver relevant content to the customer, then Google will reward you with higher placement in their SERP algorithm.

Make a List of Important Relevant Topics

To make sure your content is relevant, you need to know what topics are related to your subject. Fill your topics of relevance with high-quality content regarding the subject, that contains the right keywords for your subject. Google tries to keep its keyword list close because Google-preferred keywords once found tend to get “search engine bombed” a lot. If you’re having a hard time coming up with important topic buckets to fill with topics, then talk to your customer-facing colleagues.

Understand the Importance of Intent

Google now has a lot of data about customer behavior, and they have a filter by customer intent. If your website doesn’t have data that customers intend to be searching for, all the keyword optimization in the world will not yield strong SERP results. Making sure that your content fits what customers want to use their web searches for is going to yield good results for your company.

Related Research

It’s not good enough anymore to just optimize your website for the search terms you want to show up or have content that is intentional to those words. You also need to have content that is related to those words. Look for reasons for your customers to stay and that will pay dividends.

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