Auto dealer achieves greatest month in 30 years with a full funnel marketing strategy.

Auto Dealership

Campaign Length

Four months.


The client wanted to Increase sales and foot traffic by improving online visibility.


The dealership competes in a highly concentrated market, many competitors located within a mile.


We recommended Display, Device ID, Paid Search, and SEO to target customer prospects throughout the customer journey. We targeted buyers interested in Ford-specific vehicles. Paid Search and SEO enhanced the dealerships’ ranking on Google searches. Device ID was used to capture devices from competitor locations. These devices were served ads and directed from competitor locations to the client’s dealership.


This mix of products equated to the dealership’s greatest sales month since it opened 30 years ago.

The dealership increased its average of 40-50 sold vehicles per month to sold 78 vehicles.


With Programmatic Display, we were able to target very niche clientele. The targeting can be narrowed down to include buyers interested in specific vehicle makes and models. Also, being in Googles “3-Pack” is a must if the client wants to take up valuable real estate on Google searches and optimize visibility.