Church uses device ID to spread awareness and harnesses it to track new members.


Campaign Length

Four months.


Increase awareness and attract attendees for the client’s Christmas show.


The biggest challenge was creating awareness in the community and reaching members outside of the existing church congregation.


We recommended using Device ID to target populated areas where families are likely to be seen. We also geo-fenced family friendly attractions such as theaters, malls, zoos, etc.


After the first month, there were 1,110 responses from our Device ID audience. This means 1,110 people that were served an impression ALSO attended the Christmas event.


The Christmas show was a huge hit! The client then wanted to know how many people from the target audience were seen at the church AFTER the holidays. We extended the campaign by three months to collect this data. Across the church’s six campuses, 2,107 devices were seen over the next three months.