Device ID strengthens local tourism by driving 2,822 new visits.

Local Tourism Office

Campaign Length

Two months.


The client aimed to drive foot traffic to their area for local tourism.


Effectively capturing their target audience of individuals who may be interested in traveling to and visiting nearby destinations.


We highly recommended Device ID in order to capture and track foot traffic by targeting popular local markets, malls, and sightseeing spots. Using a 9-month look back period, we were able to capture the devices of people who had previously visited the area and serve them an ad with an enticing message for a return trip.


The Point of Interest (POI) Attribution Reports generated from the campaign indicated that Device ID helped grow local tourism by 2,822 unique visits over the two-month campaign period!


As a top of funnel awareness product, Device ID has the ability to guide users into the sales funnel by establishing branding and curiosity. We have often seen that with the right creative message, website traffic also increases!